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Can I book online or do a phone reservation?

Yes you can book online via our website in KANE BOOKED or you can call us at +30 697 689 4596 or by email at [email protected].

Can you call me a cab from the Athens strip club?

Yes, of course we can call you a taxi, customer safety is our priority, but the taxi rank is only a 2-minute walk to Gazi

Where is the strip club of Athens TOYS?

We are located Triptolemus 12 in Gazi – Athens P.C. 118 54 the contact number is +30 697 689 4596 in which you can also communicate via Whatsapp and Viber. Our email is [email protected] and our website is &

Can I work at the Athens strip club?

Yes you can work at the strip club in Athens as long as you are 18 years old or older, there is in our website a WORK where you can make an online request.

Do you accept credit cards at the Athens Strip Club?

Yes, of course, we accept all kinds of credit cards.

Do you make birthdays parties and how much do they cost at the Athens strip club?

Of course we organize Birthday Parties with great success, the prices are 70 € simple bottle per 4 persons or the special bottle 90 € per 4 persons, or just your drink 10 €. There is always a surprise to the birthdays, unfortunately we cannot write because of competition.

How much is the Vip card at the Strip Club?

The VIP Card costs €500 details of what is included you can find in the VIP CARD in menu section

Can I organize and host my party?

Yes there is this possibility in 2 ways, the first is to come to our Strip Club and arrange it, or to do it online through our website in BOOK NOW

Do you make Bachelor Parties at the Athens strip club and how much do they cost?

Yes there is this possibility in 2 ways, the first is to come to our Strip Club and arrange it, or to do it online through our website in BOOK NOW
Yes, we’re organizing Bachelor Parties with a guide to make groom and his company night unforgettable. The bottle costs 70 € per four people, 90 € special per four people and a separate show for the groom on the track that costs 50 €. There are other surprises that due to competition we cannot write.

How many girls works at Athens Strip Club?

There are 25 girls working who are ready to give you the most beautiful night of your life, and I write that male with pants without hiding anything from my own experience.

Are the dancers full naked in the strip clubs in Athens?

Girls wear sexy underwear in the strip club environment when comes the lap dance some are fully naked.

Do you show sports? (Football-Basketball)

No, in the strip clubs of Athens there is no this service, we do not show sports.

Are the ladies welcome in a Strip club in Athens?

Yes, women are welcome at the strip club in Athens as long as they do not disturb customers of the shop.

Do you offer private dances at the strip club in Athens?

Yes we offer private backstage dances with LAP Dance dances and private dances.

Are there any other rules in the strip clubs in Athens?

A single rule exists in strip clubs, no photos.

Why does Toys have more value than some other strip clubs in Athens?

The reasons are simple, we have the most beautiful girls by far from all the other strip clubs, the climate is warm since the girls are very friendly and we have the best service from clean drinks and cleanliness.

Is there a dress code to get into a strip club?

There’s no dress code for someone to get into a strip club, as long as their clothes are clean.

What are the prices of drinks at the Athens strip club?

Beers and spirits cost 10 €.

Special and champagne 90 €.

Simple bottles cost 70 €.

Is there an entrance fee in strip clubs of Athens?

With the exception of a few days over the Christmas period we never demand a cover charge to enter the venue. It is free throughout the year.

If you love shots, sensual dancing and beautiful girls then you are in the perfect place, the cosmopolitan venue of Stirp Show Club “Toys” with its unique atmosphere, erotic girls and an impressive variety of drinks at the bar, is ready for the party only with shots. We are waiting for you for the best evening, shots for you and your friends, call us to organize a night with many surprises.

Our Location

Triptolemou 12, Gazi – Athens 11854


Tel +30 697 689 4596

Whatsapp – Viber: +30 697 689 4596